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Foodcentric Holistic Wellness Programme

Feb 4, 2024 - Mar 17, 2024

  • 43Days


Think, Act and Live like the most extraordinary version of you. Enjoy a life with : Improve energy levels
 Less hunger
 Reach a healthy weight
 Feel less bloated
 Sleep better
 Avoid chronic health issues The Mowell lifestyle wellness programme is based on a modern and flexible approach to wellness. Values of integrity, expert knowledge & authenticity forms the foundation of mindfulness. This programme is about meeting you where you are at in this present moment. It is about connection, about bringing you on this journey that allows you to become more self aware. From the outset, this programme develops a higher sense of purpose and contentment as you continue to engage and evolve with the well-being programme. This programme is based on 5 pillars of holistic wellness, and when combined all create a life of fullness, joy, contemntment and satiety. The pillars of wellness include : Mindful eating, food & nutrition Hydration Sleep Movement Mindset The Art & Science of Eating Aisling Larkin has created dishes that are flavour led and nutrient dense for maximum levels of satiety. Each dish uses fibre-rich vegetables, slow-release wholegrain in their most unprocessed wholesome state along with lean proteins and good fats to keep you full and satisfied.
 These recipes align to a meal plan which will help to keep you satiated, content and well. As a qualified Mb. Eat mindful eating coach Aisling will bring you to a moment of space where you learn to gain control over your eating habits and make choices that support your goals. With a M.Sc in culinary innovation, weekly tv & radio foodie slots and training as a feeding therapy Aisling knows how to design dishes for maximum satiety and joy. Sleep Sleep hygiene is imperative to wellness. It is your daily recharge. A chance to renew and energise our body & mind. Sleep impacts digestion flow, high cortisol levels, stress, anxiety, worry, and cravings. When we sleep we recharg

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