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Welcome to MoWell
Mindful-based Lifestyle Wellness 

8 Week Food Centric Wellness Programme

About Aisling 

A wellness advocate & TV chef with a solid belief that a holistic and multi-faceted approach to food and wellness will create a path for living life to its fullest.

Aisling believes in an intuitive, progressive, holistic and authentic path to wellness. One that is based on integrity, expert knowledge and a sense of joy. 

As a busy mom of three, running her business and media career and a period of burn out. Aisling discovered she need a wellness plan that fit into her lifestyle. One that is modern, authentic and sustainable. Over the fast decade Aisling has trained in Workplace Wellness, Organisational Leadership at Oxford, Feeding Therapy, Mb. Eat in MBSR & Mindful Eating & a M. Sc in Culinary Innovation. 

Aisling & her team aim to meet you where you are on your wellness journey, allowing you the opportunity to begin, perhaps reinvigorate or sustain your wellness journey.

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Why Choose MoWell 

At MoWell there is a firm believe that food is not just fuel for the body but also the foundation of wellness.


Our 8-week programme is designed to help you transform your relationship with food, and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Our team  provides consultations, personalized coaching and support to help you achieve your wellness goals.


Join us today to start your journey towards finding your authentic and well self.


Enjoy A Better Life 

This 8-week food centric wellness programme is designed to help you think, act, and live like the most authentic, comfortable & confident version of yourself . Our value-first wellness strategy provides you with the skills and techniques needed to have a bespoke, authentic, and sustainable wellness plan. With our programme, you can expect to change your relationship with food forever, improve energy levels, reduce hunger, and reach a healthy weight.

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What You Get 

A Chance To Think, Act and Live like the most authentic, comfortable & confident version of yourself. 


Mindset Reset 

Change your mind to change your behaviours. 

So often we fail at new wellness plans, challenges because we do not have the right reasons why, the right motivation, tor the right belief system. You will learn effective MBSR (mindful based stress reduction) tools and strategies to help you cope with negative self talk, self worth, stress and overwhelm. 


Modern Lifestyle Wellness Habits 

As part of the programme we week we will add a new modern and achievable lifestyle wellness practice, which will become your new automatic non-netotabilnes in a matter of water. The impact of these new habits alone on your wellbeing will be tremendous. 

Each week we will focus on our pillar of wellness : 




Gut Health 

Hormone Hacking 


Exclusive Nutrition-Dense Delicious Food & Meal Plans 

Your nutrition is a foundational element of your overall wellness. As a wellness + development chef, mindful eating coach & feeding therapist Aisling is uniquely positioning to design and create exclusive recipes and calorie contolled, nutrient dense meal plans. 

In order to support that, we have created dishes that are flavour-led, delicious and nutritionally dense. The nutritional aspects of the enrich programme are underpinned by belief systems in discernment, satiety and quality calories. 


Joyful Movement

For far too long, we have been conditioned to believe that the sole purpose of exercise was to lose weight or tone up. It became a chore and grind. Something we never felt we were "good" at, a punishment, or the only reason we were allowed to eat. 

Joyful movement is finding a form of movement you enjoy. and getting your steps in and making it all count. When we move, we move energy around our body, we shift mood, we feel strong. Do it for those reasons. 

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