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Modern Lifestyle Food-centric
Wellness Programme

Say goodbye to mundane and outdated healthy eating programs—I did and I never looked back. As a mom of three, juggling a business and media career, I needed a wellness approach that's modern, authentic, and sustainable. After years of mis information I needed to realign my values and restructure my relationship with food. 

Having immersed myself in Workplace Wellness, Organizational Leadership at Oxford, Feeding Therapy, Mb. Eat in MBSR & Mindful Eating, and earning an M. Sc in Culinary Innovation over the last decade, I've discovered that well-being in midlife is a unique journey.


Let's break free from betraying our bodies. It's time to pursue a new and improved version of ourselves, shedding those antiquated notions that no longer resonate with our lives. Join me on this transformative journey—because your well-being deserves a modern touch. Ready to make the change? Let's embark on this path together.

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