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Nourishing Insights into Eating for Wellness in 2024

Eating for wellness is about longevity, about living a quality life, making conscious and considered choices for a better life and overall it is about making life a little bit better.  Focusing on your health should not mean completely cutting out comfort and enjoyment from your lifestyle. You’ll notice that the food and nutrition trends we’re predicting for the new year combine wellness with joy—think fun drinks with a gut-healthy punch and satisfying snacks, among others. 

For me, as someone who designs and creates recipes for media, for brands, and for my consultancy projects these are the factors I have to be able to align with predicted trends and see where we can help.  Some of the top trends over the last few years have been things like flavour, healthy indulgence, experiential meals, unusual pairings, and creative recipes—people are looking to be surprised and delighted by their food. Our younger generation of consumers believe that wellness food is anything that makes them feel happy, relaxed, healthy and confident. Market research and insights will also indicate that consumers are increasingly looking for  “Me Moments” in their food. A chance to escape, breathe, relax and truly satisfy a guilt-free, wellness-positive food choice. They want to feel good about their choices.

In this industry there is no escaping the trends. They come and go and we all get caught up in them. Sometimes they are just the thing we need for some dopamine, interest, excitement and motivation. I am all on for a few new wellness trends . For 2024 I predict dopamine hacking, somatic workouts, cold and hot therapies are going to be huge.

Remember though, the trends are all great as long as you have a solid foundation of wellness practices and you know you how to look after yourself.

Here is a brief overview of my wellness strategy :

  • Step One

Mindset – undertaking there are 5 pillars to wellness and all are interlinked and symbiotic.

  • Step Two

Identifying barriers, triggers, and curve balls and planning for them.

  • Step Three

Getting specific  –  figuring out the exact moments in your day when you will do each element of wellness  – at what time, where, with whom.

  • Step Four 

Allow at least 2 weeks with this schedule for it to become a new routine and embedded.

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